Which One Is Better- DTG Printing or Screen Printing?

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Whether you are starting your clothing line or scaling your apparel business, you need to decide on a printing method that’ll satisfy your customer expectations and meet the business goals in the most effective ways. There are many options out there, but the two most popular are DTG (Direct to Garment) printing and Screen Printing.

These both printing methods produce stunningly beautiful graphics, designs, and letters. They also come with their own advantages. Here is a quick rundown of when to use DTG and screen printing:

What is DTG Printing?
Direct to garment printing is the novel printing method where ink heads shoot the required colour ink directly on the areas demanding ink exposure to bring out the picture desired in the garment making process. It comprises a platen designed for holding the garment in a fixed position.

This printing method uses aqueous textile inks that require a unique curing process. It must be noted that pre-treatment is generally applied to the garment before printing that allows the water-based ink for bonding more fully to the garment. It’s especially important when using white ink on dark garments.

What is Screen Printing?
Screen printing is the traditional printing method, where the screen is used to transfer the ink into the fabric to form the desired pattern. The screen constitutes of a mesh, counts for mesh count meaning the mesh count in the screen used to make a print on your garment will determine the extent to which deals will be highlighted via screen printing.

Screen Printing vs. DTG
In the printing process, prints are made
In screen printing, it makes use of stencils, whereas DTG printing uses computer programs to materialise direct prints.
DTG printing is suitable for detailed designs, while screen printing is preferred for simpler patterns.
In DTG, no large set up is required, though the screen printing demands large setup space and machinery.
The need for a high level of enthusiasm in the fabric is created by screen printing, whereas the satiate for detailed designs are fulfilled by direct to garment printing.

Screen Printing or DTG: Which One IS Better?
There is no such concept as one printing method is much better than others, because different printing methods are designed to cater to different needs and they also follow different lines of work patterns for putting the result as the final picture.

Screen printing fulfils a different need than DTG and each addsa different way to the product proposition. If you talk of the durability of the garment, there is no concept as one kind of print stand-in longevity than the other. While you can draw a line between DTG vs. screen printing, you can’t demarcate fabrics on the basis of one is better than others.

Generally, If you don’t take proper care of fabrics then fabrics having a DTG print will wear sooner than the screen printed ones and vice versa. So, it all depends on how you care for it.

These are some important things that you need to know about both the printing methods. You can choose any one of them according to your needs to meet the goals.

What Is The Difference Between Digital Printing And Screen Printing?

digital printing and screen printing

Digital printing and screen printing are the two most common methods of printing custom apparel. When you have been researching custom t-shirts, you may have seen the terms of screen printing and digital printing pop up before.

Even though embroidery is also offered as an option to decorate t-shirts, but screen or digital printing is better than the embroidery for printing your logo or design on any type of t-shirt or other clothing items. Many people often ask whether screen printing is better than digital printing or vice versa.

Here is a quick look at the differences between the two printing methods so that you can decide which type of printing you should go for:

Digital Printing
Digital marketing is a newer method of printing custom apparel. It is commonly known as direct-to-garment printing. Rather than using one colour or layer at a time using screens, it applies all colours directly to the garments in one single layer of link.

It applies all necessary colours in a single pass, from top to bottom, and produces a full image once the paper comes out. For this printing method, the lightweight water-based inks are used that gets absorbed easily into garment fibres without a mess.

Here are some things that you need to know about digital printing:

Design Possibilities are Limitless
With ink being directly applied to the garment, you’ve more room to create your custom design t-shirt. By using this printing method, highly detailed or elaborated designs can be executed flawlessly.

Easier Execution for Small Orders
Digital printing is great for executing orders of small quantities with minimal setup and no screens required.

Screen Printing
Screen printing is the most common printing method for custom t-shirts. It creates a stencil of your artwork that will then be placed directly over your garment of choice. In this method, the screens are loaded to a printing machine and ink is added to be wiped over the stencil. And for every colour in the artwork, a different screen is created, and each layer of colour is printed in separate runs. The final process is to let the inks on the t-shirt dry.

Here are some benefits of screen printing:

Economies of Scale
In this process the more t-shirts you print, the lesser the cost. Subsequently, the process is highly automated and once you hit quantities of more than 10 pieces, there is less work involved in the production of each custom t-shirt.

Simple and Bold
In screen printing, simple designs are printed with ease given the clean method of applying ink over each screen that results in high-quality prints. It also tends to allow a larger printing space depending on the size of the screens.

These are some differences between the digital and screen printing methods. Now, you’ll be able to make an informed choice when selecting the print type of your custom t-shirts. You can use screen printing for large events and team or staff uniforms, whereas digital printing is suitable for small events, personalised gifts, and creative projects.

How Cloth Printing Help Business to Reach New Heights? 

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Fortunately, the digital era brings endless possibilities for businesses to stand ahead of the competition even in the overcrowded industry. Clothing printing is one of the effective ways to bring more credibility for your brand by exposing it publically all over the world. Apart from daily promotions, cloth design draws the attention of consumers and makes them feel more connected to the brand.

You can craft a brand logo, slogan, or any other design on various items, including t-shirts, hoodies, bags, school or corporate uniforms, and caps. Before jumping to any conclusion, let’s find out how cloth printing can be helpful for your business:

1. Printed T-Shirts Increases Brand Loyalty
Taking your business into the world of advancement and printing design will surely boost your brand exposure. Customers will also get motivated to put your brand forward or prefer you more than others. Be it printed t-shirts, gears or jersey, it will make your brand more discoverable and ultimately increase customers’ loyalty.

2. It Never Goes Out of Trend
Nothing can be a better match than wearing a printed t-shirt with a cap. By getting your company’s logo printed on the t-shirt or any other clothing item, it will appear over and over again and enhance your brand value.

3. Good Means of Advertising
Custom-made t-shirts and hoodies remarking the brand image has been noticed all over the globe. Adding a logo, company’s beliefs or anything else on a simple t-shirt looks appealing and is an effective way of marketing as well. This will create a sense of dedication and belongings which generally advertising campaign aims for.

4. Improve the User Experience
Establishing a business is of no use until and unless people are aware of it. By printing your company’s name or logo on a clothing item, you can spread awareness of your brand among the target audience in an efficient manner. It will play an individual role in improving user experience by conveying an accurate message from the company directly.

Are you looking at an answer for the ‘best clothing printing near me’? Then you’ve arrived at the right place. Our advanced printing technology will give more life to your brand by highlighting it through an impressive cloth design. When consumers see your brand image more often, they will surely incline towards your brand and take you to a new level of success.

Feel free to speak to our expert team for quality support and guidance.

What is Difference Between Screen Printing and Heat Press?

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Endeavoring to spice up a t-shirt with a logo or something similar usually requires screen-printing or heat pressing. You may not fully understand these processes, but you know that they are used to print a t-shirt.

There are also some differences between these two in terms of process, costing among other things. Below given tips will help you know and understand those differences and help you make a better choice:

Get to Know Screen Printing
1. Screen printing is one of the most traditional ways to add letters or images to an object and the core process of screen printing has not changed, but the machine has made it possible the process is done at a much faster rate.

2. Screen printing is to apply letters or an image through a screen in order to place it on the item being screen-printed. This process requires ink thinner, de-hazer, an emulsion remover, dark rooms, and a light machine.

3. In screen printing, set up is one of the most consuming aspects that should explain why this type of image usually requires a minimum order. This method is widely used for big orders because it can complete large orders easily after the initial setup is complete.

4. It is also important to understand that screen printing is favoured by those who are looking for the finer details in each print.

Understanding What Heat Pressing is All About
Heat pressing means putting a design onto a garment and this design is uploaded to a machine that prints it on vinyl. The vinyl is used to apply the design using both heat and pressure on the garment. This process doesn’t take nearly as long as you might expect with screen printing. Due to this reason, a heat press is a go-to process when the order being placed is a small one.

This process is also favoured among those who are looking for quick solutions to their garment needs and is also the most popular option when it comes to the jersey, because it adapts so well to polyester garments.

The colors are especially vibrant when the heat press is used. There are some things to consider though, for one, the printer must know the color of the garment that will be used. In this process, specific materials are needed for light-coloured and dark-coloured garments.

The truth is that both of the processes have their own advantages and deliver what you need. Both processes are effective and long-lasting; you just need to decide which one will work best for you. When you are looking for the best printed shirts near me then ensure that you work with a quality service provider that understands your need and provide you with a quality, efficient and visually appealing and neat result.

Benefits and Uses of Personalised Items in Modern Age

Personalize It, The New Trend!
Personalizing something yourself takes some skill. If you don’t know how to do it properly then you don’t have to go through the pain of trying to get lettering and images clear yourself, when trying to do this on a shirt or a picture frame is difficult. Thanks to those places that can help you for both business and personal needs and have really exploded over the last few years.

Here is a look at the benefits and uses of personalised items in the present day, whether you are looking to go for screen printing, or embroidery in Mount Maunganui, or elsewhere:

We are in a Safe Obsessed Age, It’s Great!
Today, selfies are so popular and prove how into ourselves we are. At the time of gifting a gift, you can use this to your advantage. Personalising items with a person’s name is a very respectful and amazing gift to give someone on their birthday or any occasion. It helps to boost self-esteem and help people remember how important they are for someone.

Brand and Getting the World Out is Key in Business
When you are a business today, competition is ferocious and getting your brand out is key. Social media is an important factor to promote any business, but it is also important to have t-shirts with your logo on it pop up with the latest social media post. If you own a business make sure your name and your logo are catchy and after that print your business name and logo on products that effective people will wear, because it will help spread the word of your business and it’s important to the conventional.

Limitless Possibilities
Personalising items has endless options, and you can select many different items to print or embroider for advertising your business. Clothes, key chains, pens, cups, hats, bags, water bottles, and many functional items are great places to start to personalise an item. You can check with your local professional services to see the advantages for your business and also for making your family and friends feel as special as they are. A personalised item to give to any person makes them feel special. There are thousands of people and companies who use personalisation in their everyday life to transfer good feeling and goodwill and also for promoting their business.

If you are looking for a personalised item to gift someone or branding your business whether it’s a cup or pen, or something related to embroidery in Mount Maunganui, or elsewhere, you can always go the personalised route that will impress and feel them special.